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Altair's clients are domestic to the United States and international, primarily located in London, Continental Europe, the Caribbean and Bermuda. Insurers, reinsurers, captives, general agents, third-party administrators, lawyers and investors make up the core of Altair's client base. Lloyd's Underwriters and Bermuda Reinsurers are long-term Altair business partners.

Our clients are reinsurers and insurers whose needs range from investigation for possible risk assumption or ongoing portfolio management to due diligence for investment purposes. They are geographically defined by type of business.

Altair's domestic clientele are generally found in cities known for insurance company headquarters but are often located in every corner of the United States.
Altair can support you when you need specialized expertise, or when peak workloads stretch your own staff too thin. You can have confidence that our work will live up to your standards for quality and integrity.

  • Experience: Only the best and brightest work for Altair. Most of our staff have over thirty (30) years of underwriting and claim management experience. We add knowledgeable specialists to your team for projects requiring specific expertise.
  • Independence: Altair's independent perspective helps you preserve good working relationships with all parties. We can ask the difficult questions and ferret out sensitive materials that might otherwise strain your business relations.
  • Credibility: Our independence lends credibility to our findings, helping you avoid real or perceived biases that can arise from doing your own investigative and audit work.
  • Proven Processes: Altair has developed a time-proven process to ask the right questions, probing deep to uncover the facts. We also know the information necessary to substantiate our findings. Our work product helps you make sound decisions, protect your business and settle disputes.