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Dispute Services

Altair has been involved in the investigation, analysis and resolution of most major issues affecting the property and casualty industry in the past two decades. From financial reinsurance to "carve-out" coverage, Altair's professionals have performed all kinds of runoff, legacy and business analysis for our clients. Although attorneys are usually the client in this situation, Altair has also performed such services in efforts to resolve differences before they escalate to the formal arbitration process.

Altair has the support staff, including IT professionals, to assist with the organization and forensic analysis of historical data, as well as investigation results. Often, critical mass and timing are the necessary attributes for a dispute project. Altair has the in-house staff to satisfy most of these assignments but has a pre-qualified stable of contractors it can add to any project team on a moments notice. Analysis is performed on laptop computers on-site or remotely with Altair electronic file review forms tailored for the specific goals and objectives, making for ease of summary statistics and graphs for illustrative purposes. We can tailor our forms and processes to fit the specific needs of any assignment.