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Remote File Review

Technology is revolutionizing the way Altair is auditing for its clients. IT systems are handling more of the business as a trusted resources for underwriting, claim management and accounting in many of the operations that Altair audits. Clients seeking to save costs and remove traditional travel expenses with sending auditing staff onsite can now reap the benefits of remote auditing. Altair auditors are well-versed with the typical arrangements of remote system access to meet the needs of the client audit scope. Altair also has IT professionals on hand to assist with setting up remote access to complete auditing. Altair offers resources to its auditing staff to facilitate remote auditing and continues to encourage this process for clients seeking a cost-saving solution to auditing mature business. Still, it is strongly suggested at least one audit professional perform a formal onsite visit with appropriate interview and testing activities, in conjunction with or while remote file reviews are performed by suitable professionals in the line(s) of business being considered.