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We have performed a myriad of audit types in our twenty-five plus years, i.e., insurance company, reinsurance company, MGA, coverholder, third party administrator, due diligence, compliance, runoff, consulting, calibration, acquisition, dispute expert witness, arbitrations, etc. The key issues for these assignments have been underwriting, claim and transactional principles.
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Underwriting Audits

Altair offers a wide variety of underwriting auditing experience and capabilities to its clients. We also provide consulting in the areas of procedures, underwriting, rating, programs, mergers, acquisitions, etc.

Claim Audits

Altair provides a wide variety of claims auditing experience and capabilities to its clients.  We consult in areas of internal auditing, calibration, procedures, guidelines, trial monitoring, disputes, and many other facets of claim handling.

Transactional Audits

Altair offers transactional auditing capabilities to cater to its clients demands.  This can be on the claim or premium money transfer details or specific item transactions involved in forensic analysis.

Expert Witness

Altair's senior analysts have many years of experience to offer in providing excellent expert witness testimony.  Most of our professionals have deposition experience in arbitrations, mediations and trial environments.

Insurance Disputes

Altair's senior analysts are experienced professionals that can find the statistics you need for a quick resolution.

IT/Cyber Services

Antares Information Technology Solutions, partnered with Altair, can deliver the necessary review of automated insurance underwriting, rating and claim systems. This is an area of keen interest to our clients in recent years, and involvement in this industry during the last fifteen years is invaluable.


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We have been routinely performing underwriting and claim audits for the insurance and reinsurance industry, as well as executing transactional reviews and providing consultation.  As a part of all our audits, we review operations, verify industry standards are being met and best practices are being followed.

Altair has developed a consistent approach to audits while tailoring our review and reports to meet a client’s unique needs.

Altair's highly experienced staff provide underwriting, claim and transaction analytical services in support of pre-relationship proposals, contract compliance, best business practices, mergers, acquisitions, runoff, dispute resolution, commutations and regulatory compliance.