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Technology Consulting

Altair auditors have direct access to Antares IT professionals during and after each audit. This resource provides an understanding of the changing and challenging technology environment associated with most audits. Interpretation of systems is provided to ensure proper compliance, as required by client audit scopes that include systems compliance requirements. For more detailed IT system analysis to meet audit requirements, Altair can provide a comprehensive IT system audit.

Altair clients are always seeking new and innovative methods to lower auditing costs and maximize the value that auditing can bring to their business. Technology is an excellent method to assist in these endeavors and Altair recognizes the need for embracing it. Altair works to provide the most efficient tools to its auditing staff to assist with maximizing value during the audit and providing accurate and insightful analysis to our clients. Altair’s auditing staff and clients use File Review Forms to customize businesses and enhance internal auditing efficiency.

Large projects can benefit from the technology resources that Altair has available. Data mining can be completed more effortlessly with technology resources to ensure accuracy and develop metrics that completely analyze trends. Altair has the capacity to handle CAT claim data mining to enable clients with the ability to identify anomalies in the inclusion of certain claims in one event.