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What We Do

Altair's personnel assist clients in underwriting, claims management, assessing and creating procedures, guidelines and authorities. We provide input regarding claims reserves, personnel and systems. We assist in the general and specific analysis of runoff business. This often involves the archaeological process of determining contract compliance regarding cessions of premium and losses and can lead to commutation services.

Altair's track record of success has earned a worldwide reputation. We are good at what we do. That is why our clients trust us to ensure the legitimacy, due diligence and compliance of contracts in all stages.

  • Prospective contracts: The best time to research an account is before it is bound. Altair performs this proactive work on your behalf, keeping you confident in your important business decisions from the start.
  • In-force contracts: As your advocate, Altair also investigates existing agreements to monitor the due diligence and compliance of all parties involved.
  • Runoff contracts: Altair can ensure claims are resolved fairly and accurately, in accordance with your intended terms. Our efforts help you minimize—or avoid—time-consuming and costly disputes.

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